iOS Development Resources

Wether you are just starting out or a long time dev. There are a ton of resources out there to keep you moving forward. I always love to see what others are building.

Open Source

One of the best places to keep up on what other developers are working on is the open source community. GitHub is a great place to start, here are the spots I check daily.

Objective-C Projects on GitHub

Swift Projects on GitHub

Blogs / Publications

Here are the ones I check out constantly and always look forward to seeing an update from.

NSHipster is a journal of the overlooked bits in Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa. Updated weekly. is a periodical about best practices and advanced techniques for iOS and OS X development.

iOS Dev Weeklyis a hand picked round up of the best iOS development links every week. Curated by Dave Verwer and published every Friday. Free.

The Ultimate List

Awesome iOS
An awesome resource for finding just about anything iOS related.

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